Configuring the Servlet

Configure EntranceServlet by setting these parameters in its web.xml:

jdbc-urlYes The JDBC URL, eg. jdbc:mysql://localhost/test, to use when connecting to the database
usernameNo The username to use, defaults to 'root'
passwordNo The password to use, defaults to '' (empty string)
allowparameter  No "1" to allow parameter substituion, using param.(parameter name)=(value) syntax, defaults to "0"  WARNING: Set this to "1" only when you are not concerned about "SQL Injection" attacks.

ConfigEntranceServletT is an EntranceTool provided with the desktop application (Version 1.7.6) to help with the setup.   Use "Edit this menu..." in the X Menu to add it to the menu. Set the method = "Entrance Tool", and paste "com.dbentrance.entrance.tools.ConfigEntranceServletT" in the class box.

This EntranceServlet welcome page is at:

   http://(your host)/entrance/       e.g. http://localhost:8080/entrance/
If you see a little bar chart on it, the servlet has found your JDBC connection and is configured correctly.

EntranceServlet URLs

By default, the charts served up by EntranceServlet are PNG images and can be embedded in web pages using IMG tags.   PLOT script files use extension ".plotql".   Use URLs of this form to generate charts:

    http://(host URL)/entrance/(path to script)?(parameters)

These are the possible parameters:

formatNo The format of the image, 'png' or 'jpg', defaults to png.
widthNo The width of the image, defaults to 800
heightNo The height of the image, defaults to 600


Entrance on the Desktop

Entrance desktop applications can help you write PLOT scripts. Tip: If you are running the servlet and an Entrance desktop application on the same machine, use "File | Add top level folder..." to add the servlet script-root folder to the desktop explorer tree.   If you are running EntranceServlet on Tomcat and using the default settings, the folder is:   /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/entrance/

Need Help?

Visit the support area of the Entrance home page for the various support options.

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