Importing Data

Use Tools | Import data... to import data from a file or URL.   URLs can be specified using any of the protocols http, https, or ftp. For example, to import a file from an FTP server, you could use a url of this form:

The three dot buttons are "chooser" buttons for the file and table boxes. Use the "Append data" radio button to append data to an exisitng file.

Entrance import supports these formats: tab delimited, comma separated (CSV), space separated, colon separated, simple lines of text, and Apache log formats.

Space separated format is an innovative Entrance feature: use it when you need to break lines into tokens separated by one or more spaces.

Dialog Memory

The import dialog remembers the last settings you used to import a file or url. When you select a file or URL from the drop down menus, those settings will be restored.