Setting Connection Properties

The first time you run Entrance it will display the Connection Dialog, with settings filled in for a freshly installed MySQL server:


Fill in settings for your server and click the Test button.  In a second or two you should see see a green "Success" message or red error message.  If not, you can stop the test by clicking the "Stop!" button..  When you have the settings you want, click OK and Entrance will create a new connection in the database explorer tree.
You can add additional host connections using the menu selection:  Database |  Add MySQL host...

Connect Entrance to a MySQL server

The Entrance tree displays a green icon for connected servers, and a light blue icon for servers that are not connected.   To connect to a server:  select it in the tree, then click the "Connect" tool on the toolbar.    In the screenshot below, "sam" is connected, and "joe" is not connected:


The first green server and database in the tree is the default database for executing SQL scripts.  A status message at the bottom of the window tells you which one this is.   The las database you connect becomes the default.
The explorer tree shows you both file folders, like "test" in the example above, and host nodes.  You can see what is in them by clicking the little triangles on their left.
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