CO2 Emitted by Selected Vehicles


This chart tells a story, doesn’t it?

The approximate value for Lear Jet CO2 emissions is thanks to a calculation on and is based on values from the DOE site Here is the Entrance script for producing the chart:

    plot rotatedbarchart
      skyblue bar,
      all axislabels,
      datalabels right
      no collar
      no outlines
      baroverlap 0
      barwidth .85
      barseparation 5
      no sides
      no xaxis
      no labels x
      no ticks x
      scale x 0 1800 600
      frame insets 175 40 85 0
      `grams_per_km`,name, concat(grams_per_km, ' g/km')
      from co2_emissions
      1766, 'Lear Jet', concat(1766, ' g/km')
      order by grams_per_km

Finally, here’s sample data for the various cars:
“268″,”Escalade Hybrid”
“198″,”Mercedes Benz clc class”
“140″,”BMW Series 1″
“167″,”Subaru Forester”
“119″,”Volvo v70″
“119″,”Ford Fusion”
“116″,”Ford Fiesta”
“104″,”Toyota Prius”
“101″,”Honda Insight”

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