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CO2 Emitted by Selected Vehicles

Thursday, July 29th, 2010


This chart tells a story, doesn’t it?

The approximate value for Lear Jet CO2 emissions is thanks to a calculation on and is based on values from the DOE site Here is the Entrance script for producing the chart:

    plot rotatedbarchart
      skyblue bar,
      all axislabels,
      datalabels right
      no collar
      no outlines
      baroverlap 0
      barwidth .85
      barseparation 5
      no sides
      no xaxis
      no labels x
      no ticks x
      scale x 0 1800 600
      frame insets 175 40 85 0
      `grams_per_km`,name, concat(grams_per_km, ' g/km')
      from co2_emissions
      1766, 'Lear Jet', concat(1766, ' g/km')
      order by grams_per_km

Finally, here’s sample data for the various cars:
“268″,”Escalade Hybrid”
“198″,”Mercedes Benz clc class”
“140″,”BMW Series 1″
“167″,”Subaru Forester”
“119″,”Volvo v70″
“119″,”Ford Fusion”
“116″,”Ford Fiesta”
“104″,”Toyota Prius”
“101″,”Honda Insight”

Counting Cases of H1N1

Friday, July 16th, 2010


The CDC site,, has a chart I thought could use a make-over, and this is the result. The Entrance version is easier to read, and titles on the two vertical axes don’t collide with the axis labels.

Reducing chart clutter makes the shape of the H1N1 counts clearer:


The script for the top chart is here and the script for the bottom one is here

I started the scripts with Charts | Make a stacked bar chart… and then tuned up a few things. As you can see, the Tango Desktop colors LIGHT SKYBLUE and LIGHT TANGOORANGE work well together.

Finally, here is the CSV data (which can be imported using Entrance Tools | Import file or URL..)