The Entrance FAQ

This is the FAQ for Entrance, the browser for MySQL databases with charts.  You will find links for Entrance documentation and how-to-do-it notes on the Entrance main page:  If you have a question about using Entrance please email us at:  "support (at) dbentrance (dot) com".

What are the requirements for running Entrance?
Entrance requires JRE 1.5 or later and MySQL server 5.0 or later.  Also, if you use a different JDBC driver than the one we supply, it must be 5.15 or later.  In a pinch, you can probably run earlier versions of the server, but this is not recommended.  There are some details about which versions of the JRE for Mac we recommend in the "Leopard" item below.  We do not support gcj.

The Entrance command line tool and EntranceServlet upport other JDBC databases, too.

Are there any limitations to the MySQL scripts I can run with Entrance?
Yes.  The good news is that any MySQL SELECT statement can be used to create a chart using an Entrance PLOT command.  The bad news is that you cannot use DELIM,   SOURCE, or CREATE PROCEDURE in Entrance SQL scripts.  There are also additional limitations when scripts are used with Entrance data exploration tools. 

Bascially, keep queries simple when preparing data exploration:  No UNIONs or JOINs and include all primary key columns in the query for data exploration.  You can use SKIP to include a column in the result set without showing it in a chart.

Why do I see "Unsupported major.minor version 49.0" when I try to invoke the Entrance API from Cold Fusion?
When we encountered this, the problem was that the client's server was running JRE 1.4.2, not JRE 1.5 or later.

My trial version expired, and I haven't decided whether to buy Entrance or not.  Can I have an extension?
In almost all cases, yes you can.  Simply email the support address and we will send you one. 

Can I generate Entrance charts from a PHP script?
Yes.  Use the exec() function to invoke the Entrance command line utility, as in this example:

print "Here we go...\n";
exec("java -jar /Applications/ -c test -o out.png  ~/area.sql");
print "Success!\n";
However, you may find it simpler to use EntranceServle with Tomcat (for Apache) or Jetty.  Email us and we can send you the details.

Is it safe for me to upgrade to Leopard on my Macintosh?  Will Entrance continue to run?
On Intel Macs:
  If you use the "Archive and Install" method to install Leopard and then upgrade your version of Java to the new JRE 1.6, you will be fine.
You should also update your version of Entrance to version 1.2.75 or later.

If you prefer not to update your version of Entrance you will need to make a change in the Entrance PLIST file to use JRE 1.6.  Edit /Applications/ and change the JVM version lines from:

to this:

On PPC Macs (and other Macs not running JRE 1.6):  If you use the "Archive and Install" method to install Leopard, you will be fine with one exception.  We have seen an intermittent problem with Entrance error messages sent to the console after closing a tab, when there were enough tabs open to trigger tab scrolling.  At other times, mulitiple tabs may appear to be selected.  Apparently this is Apple's bug, Radar #4777837, which has been fixed in JRE 1.6.  For now, if you can't get JRE 1.6, the best work-around is  to avoid closing tabs if you are running Entrance on Leopard without JRE 1.6.

We're also hoping that Landon Fuller's work to port JRE 1.6 to Tiger may work  for Tiger and older Leopard systems but we haven't tried it yet.  The Java Posse will have the latest news.

(Of course, if you stay with Tiger on any Mac and continue to run Entrance on JRE 1.5 you will also be fine!)

Why do I see "***" in my report?
Entrance displays *** when it cannot format data in a column for a report or label.  This can happen when your resultset includes a BLOB column, for example. 
"Unknown initial character set index 48" received from server
This was fixed in version 1.1.1,  which used the new JDBC driver.  The solution is to upgrade your version of Entrance.
Entrance shows an error message saying that it cannot find the MySQL driver at startup
If you are on Windows:  You must unarchive the ZIP file "" before running Entrance.  Entrance is not able to run from the temporary folder opened when you double click a ZIP file
On Linux:  Check to be sure there is a directory 'lib' under the directory containing entrance.jar.  If it is not there, create a directory named "lib", then drag and drop these jar files into it:    swing-layout-1.0.1.jar, mysql-connector-(version).jar, and cotta.jar, 
On the Mac:  Check the directory:'' be sure that it contains:  mysql-connector-java-5.1.5-bin.jar
Entrance shows an error message saying that it cannot find an icon.
You must unarchive the ZIP file "" before running Entrance.  Entrance is not able to run from the temporary folder Windows opens when you double click a ZIP file.
When I double click the Entrance jar nothing happens.  I have Java JRE 1.6 installed on Mint (a Debian derivative).
For some reason some Linux archivers do not create the "lib" subdirectory Entrance needs.  The work-around is to create a directory named "lib" in the directory where you have the entrance jar file, then drag and drop the lib jars into it.  The files in the latest version are:    swing-layout-1.0.1.jar, mysql-connector-(version).jar, and cotta.jar, 
Entrance crashes running under JRE 1.6 on OS X.
Entrance runs fine with the released version of JRE 1.6, which can be downloaded for Intel Macs from:  Problems occur with the earlier JRE 1.6 "Preview" version, and we do not recommend using that version.    If you are on a PPC and running Java applications, we think you should stay with JRE 1.5  You can see which version you are running by opening the Entrance About dialog, where the JRE version will be listed.

I can run the MySQL Browser (or the "mysql" command line client, etc.) but not Entrance.  What  is going on?
Entrance cannot connect to a local server using file sockets, because it connects to the server using JDBC.  This means that the way GRANTs are specified for some user-host combinations work for the MySQL browser but not for Entrance.  When we have seen this, we have been able to fix the problem by adding GRANTs using the IP address of the client machine, which was always the local host: This should not be a problem with a freshly installed MySQL server.
I want to use Entrance in a MAMP (or LAMP) environment, but I am having trouble connecting.  What is going on?
Again this is most likely the GRANTs.  See the previous FAQ.
Can I force Entrance to use the JDBC driver I am using for Tomcat servlets?
Yes.  Rename the driver jar in the "lib" directory under the directory containing entrance.jar to something else to be sure that Entrance will use the driver it finds on the classpath.  You can check that the correct driver version is being used in the Entrance About dialog.
How do I make multiple lines in a line chart?
You make multiple lines by putting them under the PLOT keyword like this:
                xlabels, red line, green line, blue line
                dates, sales1, sales2, sales3
             FROM salesjournal;
Each "line" in the PLOT part of the command should match up with a column in the SELECT part of the command.  The complete PLOT syntax is online at:
I am having trouble selecting points from a chart.  
Entrance selects points by deriving a SQL query from your original query.  (This technique is useful for data analysis because you can go back and edit the derived query to do other things)  The way we we derive  queries will work only for relatively simple query forms.  You can be sure a simple SELECT ... WHERE from one table will always work, but queries on more than one table or using UNIONs generally do not.  There are techniques you can use to make simple queries from more complicated ones (eg. by inserting results into a temporary table)  Contact us if you get stuck.
(Also, older Entrance Community versions would not allow you to select points.  Upgrade to 1.2.87 or later)

I am having trouble painting data points. 
To be able to paint data points:
  - you must be able to select data points (see previous FAQ)
  - you must have a color override included in your PLOT
  - you be have be allowed to update the table whose rows you are painting  (use GRANT)
  - the table must have a primary key
  - all of the columns in the primary key must be included in the SELECT part of your command
Most examples on the right hand side of are set up to be paintable, including the Vostok CO2 example.  Create the table using: and plot the table using:  Try dragging out a rectangle over part of the graph and paint it with a color.  If that fails, your server is not allowing you to update tables.  Check with your admin. 
(Also, older Entrance Community versions would not allow you to select points.  Upgrade to 1.2.87 or later)

Some Help menu items are not working.
Some Help menu items are actually bookmarks to web pages, so you have to be connected to the web for them to work.  On Linux systems you may also need to change the browser setting in the preferences dialog to match the browser on your system.
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